Monday, February 2, 2009

stop fucking us veterans

the army announced a record number of suicides.
not only that the VA is treating us veterans like pieces of dung!
They will not take action and help but they will send the police to your house! what kind of thinking is this.we are just disposable heroes.
wake up america . something needs to be done ASAP.
we go fight these conflicts and come home all messed up and the VA and
others keep us holding out for hope and then at the last minute....shaft us.
that or they want to fill you with psych meds whose side effects include suicide risk and anal seepage.
there is no honor in this.
i for one believe in the saying "before dishonor" and will live by it to the end.
start doing this right or we bring the war home.
don't screw with the ones that live and breathe combat and hardcore tactics.we live to kill and kill to live in each breath in each moment.
we feel betrayed.